InterAct Blog

The writer Alan McCormick has just had his book of short stories published.

One of our readers, Nigel Bowden, who has been with us since InterAct started, has just had a novel published. Here are some details.

InterAct reader Graham Seed becomes first actor to win prestigious award. The former Archers star Graham Seed last week became the first actor to win the prestigious Broadcaster of the Year award.

Our latest development day took place on Saturday March 19th. Christine Collins and Emma D'Inverno led the training team and our guest speaker was Tristan Brice, Stroke Commissioner for Haringey.

InterAct have been asked to perform the two hander play "It Couldn't happen to us" which explores the consequences of stroke on a couple.

We are very sad to share that Annabel Bosanquet, one of InterAct's readers, has sadly passed away.

InterAct, working in partnership with the Manor Gardens Heart and Stroke project once again performed 3 Monkeys, to a select group of people back where it all started, at Manor Gardens Stroke club.

Jill Cook from the Royal College of Speech and Language therapists invited Nirjay Mahindru to come along and talk about the work of the charity on the 28th Sept 2010.

We celebrated our 10th birthday with a reception at the Governors Hall St Thomas' Hospital on Thursday 16th Sept 2010.

InterAct are delighted to have been involved in this years Chiswick Book Festival run by Torin Douglas.