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InterAct reader Cleo Sylvestre is also joint Artistic Director of the Rosemary Branch Theatre.

The annual actor's party was a great success.

The wonderful Arabella Tresillian, InterAct's co-ordinator in the South West organised a superb fundraising day for InterAct's proposed work at Southmead Hospital.

The charity were invited to attend the UK Stroke Club Conference held in Daventry on the 2nd Sept.

InterAct Reading Service has started fundraising for the proposed launch of our service at Southmead Hospital in Bristol.

Writer Nell Dunn, a trustee of InterAct, has very kindly given the copyright of her fantastic play LOST AND FOUND to InterAct Reading Service.

It is a common mis-conception that stroke only effects the elderly. A startling number of babies, children and young people suffer a stroke each year.

Actress Jane Lapotaire on the consequences for her following her stroke. The Guardian newspaper article can be found at:

Stroke was discussed in the House of Lords recently, led by the Rt Hon Lord Rodgers, who himself had a stroke a few years ago and was in the Royal Free and the National. Here's the link to the debate.

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