BBC Radio 4, Check Up: InterAct trustee, Professor Lalit Kalra, talks about stroke on BBC Radio 4.

Bridges- a stroke self-management programme currently being piloted in parts of the UK.

Different Strokes - a charity for younger stroke sufferers.

Guardian Charity Awards - InterAct was a winner in 2009!

The Stroke Association - the advice, research and lobbying charity for those who have experienced a stroke.

Jill Bolte Taylor - a talk given by neuroanatomist, Jill Bolte Taylor, at TED 2008 about her stroke.

Ken Walters - an engineer turns artist as a result of his experience with stroke

Stroke Survivors - an online information resource and discussion forum for those who have had a stroke.

The Aphasia Software Finder -The Aphasia Software Finder’s main aim is to help people with aphasia, as well as aphasia professionals, find apps and software in the English language that can help with aphasia therapy. 

ARNI   UK ARNI Institute website for stroke survivors and families: providing specialist rehabilitation and exercise support after hospital and community physiotherapy finishes.

Visual Rehabilitation for Hemianopia and Neglect - Neurologist and stroke physician Phil Clatworthy's blog, resource and list of helpful links for information on visual rehabilitation following stroke.

General backgorund information about Stroke