We aim to lift mood, relieve anxiety, provide neural stimulation, and help people to reconnect.

Hospital Patients

"You cheer people up. I can hear others laughing. It’s just what we need in here"

"I think the actors do more for people than the doctors do. You cheer people up and that's more important" (the daughter of a patient)

"You’ve got my brain buzzing" 

"Your reading has really motivated me"

"It's better than any medicine"

"Marvellous, absolutely marvellous. Talking to you brings back so many memories"

"I think its wonderful - makes you realise you've still got your marbles!... I can't tell you how much I appreciate this"

“It’s good to get the brain cells working”

“This is wonderful. You stimulate my imagination and I can see it all. The people come to life the way you do the voices and accents. It takes you away from the atmosphere of the hospital into the story.”

"How can you be sad when there are stories"

“The doctors look at my symptoms and I feel their concern. My family look at what I’ve become and I feel their concern. But when you look at me as you read your stories and we talk; you see the me that I’ve always been because you look beyond my sickness, and that makes me feel better”

Hospital Staff

"An excellent service for our patients. It has become as essential as the other therapy services that we offer"

"The service it brilliant.. it increases social interaction and reduces isolation, particularly with people who have communication difficulties"

"Patients are stimulated and engaged for more of their day. Increased opportunities to practice interaction as well as engaging in activity that doesn’t put any pressure on them to speak"

Stroke Club attendees

“I want to thank you so much for this experience. It’s been liberating, I can’t thank you enough. The stories, the laughter, the way you put things across and make us all join in together. Wonderful”


"Lots of places and people treat you like a leper. It's good to be with people (like InterAct readers) who treat you as ok"